Kazi Ghiyasuddin: Contemporary Masters of Bangladesh

Kazi Ghiyasuddin: Contemporary Masters of Bangladesh
Bengal Foundation
Price: Tk 4500

Beautifully illustrated, this is the first volume in the series on contemporary artists from Bangladesh. Kazi Ghiyasuddin (Madaripur, Bangladesh, 1951) has been living between Bangladesh and Japan since 1975. On this rare creative journey, he draws his inspiration from nature to project his desire for harmony and peace. Producing richly textured canvases, his unique style resonates with delicate, inwardly expanding applications of paint. His early, more formal works have evolved into suggestive dream-like contemplations. As if conducting a sensory orchestra, Ghiyasuddin has melded two distinct cultures and aesthetics. This book showcases over 200 colour plates tracing the artist’s personal vision over three decades of change in Bangladesh, and will appeal to all those interested in contemporary art in South Asia; particularly collectors, curators, academics, and artists.


Product details

Format Hardback | 288 pages

Dimensions 252 x 305 x 29mm

Publication date  2011

Language English

ISBN 978 88 572 1063 6

Price Tk 4500

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