Khandokar Ashif uz Zaman

Memories are what retain us. And for Mia Fiqueen, it is the same. Feeling obligated, she accepts the offer to help Imran, a detective from the Public Bureau of Investigation, in finding her friend who has disappeared and is suspected of being a victim of serial kidnapping. But the breadcrumbs of clues Zayn seemingly left behind within poems and memories they had once shared makes Mia doubt otherwise. As she searches for Zayn, Mia unconsciously sets off a plot to find the truth, not just about her missing friend, but also about herself.


Product details

Format Hardback | 209 pages

Dimensions 134 x 203 x 14mm

Publication date 2015

Publication City/Country Dhaka, Bangladesh

Language English

ISBN 978 984 91781 1 8

Price BDT 500/USD 10/ Euro 8

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