Ghost Alley

PrintGhost Alley

Javed Jahangir

Page: 311

Type: Paperback


ISBN: 978 984-90792-7-9

Price: BDT 700/USD 12/EURO 10



Ghost Alley, by Javed Jahangir, traces the story of Bangladesh as the untold third splinter of the Indian Partition. The narrator, Ludo, is a 12 year old misfit, who lives with his mother, aunts, and mad grandmother, Suraya. When Suraya’s half-sister, the blind Nadira, comes to their house seeking silent revenge for unknown past crimes, Ludo’s world begins to unravel. Ludo realizes that unsaid secrets are preventing the family from helping his infirm grandmother, he has to decide upon a course of action. At stake is not only his grandmother, but ultimately himself.

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