Hope in Technicolor


Srabonti Narmeen Ali

Page: 344

Type: Paperback


ISBN: 978-984-33-7912-2

Price: 500



rokomariAt first glance Aliya Khan and her friends Abid, Naeem, Arnaz, Farah and Sarita seem to lead a charmed life. In contrast to the extreme poverty that plagues Bangladesh’s population, the elite society that Aliya grew up in seem more concerned about throwing parties in their lavish marble palaces and driving around in expensive cars rather than anything else. In fact, all Aliya wants is for her boyfriend Abid to get over his issues and marry her. However everything is suddenly turned upside down when a girl they know is found murdered on the streets. It comes out in the papers that Naeem’s father is responsible for the murder. The saying that everything is connected and everyone is related in Dhaka city rings truer than ever, and Aliya soon realizes how one seemingly irrelevant event can cause a domino effect that trickles down and exposes long forgotten secrets and dark family pasts. Overnight, the playful boys and girls she grew up with, painfully transform into men and women haunted by a city that neither forgives nor forgets.

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